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A week in the life of a Principal: Thursday


7.40: 10 minutes later arrival at school this morning because my nail polish just didn’t want to dry (yes, really!). Usual morning check in with Pastoral Wellbeing Leader, then pottered around catching up on some emails and getting documents ready for today’s meetings. Chased down a copy of a few books I want to re-read (Hattie’s one for teachers & Pink’s ‘Drive’).

8.10am Spoke on phone with our local MP about our Trade Training Centre Application to see if she could catch up with the relevant people in Canberra this week (while Parliament is sitting) and get us and indication of whether or not our application is progressing.

8.25am: Teaching loads were being distributed today, so had a quick look at the final documents before they went into pigeon holes.

8.35am: Morning briefing in staffroom. Announced the new House Leaders and celebrated in recent announcements of pregnancy for a couple of our staff members.

9.00am: I can’t actually remember anything that stands out from this half hour of the day.  Probably I pottered around between my desk, front Reception, my PAs desk and some random standing in hallways.  I have vague recollections of conversations about fundraising, water-bottles, our Newsletter…

9.30-Midday: Awesome meeting with Learning Leaders from 5 local Catholic schools.  We’ve been working together to improve our processes around providing meaningful feedback to teachers.  For the first year, we had a facilitator (the very wonderful Margaret Stewart) and now each school is building the program within their own school.  We touch base every term or so to offer support and share ideas.  It’s a real privilege to be part of this group.

12.15: Meeting with an ancillary staff member about their intentions for next year.

12.30: Organised my class for Friday (Funeral Home can’t take us this Friday, so we’ll reschedule to next week), and then spent some time with a Year 8 student who was involved in an altercation with another student at recess time.  Briefed one of the Leadership Team about what had happened and my response and he took up the running from there.

12.45: By now, teaching staff have found their teaching allocations for 2014, and happily, the first few emails I received regarding this were ones of delight!  A few others came in from staff who are hoping to negotiate a change…we’ll manage these over the next few days and weeks.

12.50: Popped over the library because I had agreed to help ‘cull’ some books from the Religious Education section of the non-fiction shelves.  Like a lot of other areas, a lot of our curriculum content is now available in electronic format, and many of the books bought in by-gone days have well and truly passed their prime.  Cathartic exercise…so maybe I’ll pop back over in another week or so to do another run through!

1.20pm: Had lunch in the staffroom with everyone else for the first time this week. Phew.

2.00pm: Prepared a Google form and sent and email out to our student leaders about some of the leadership training we intend doing with them over the next few weeks.

2.30pm: Meeting with our architect and builder to discuss the early stages of our building project.  With the TTC element still in the air, we have some big decisions to make about the best way to progress.  Conducted a walk around the site and looked at timelines.  In all likelihood, the builders will be on site within the next 2-3 weeks. In the interim, we have some portables to empty and some outdoor furniture to move. Can. Not. Wait.

3.15pm: Busted out of the meeting for 3 minutes to make an announcement to the school that today, we’d broken our ‘casual-day’ fundraising record and had gathered an amazing $3700+ to send to Caritas Australia for use in the Philippines Emergency. Busting with pride about this!

4pm: Rushed out to a meeting of the Committee for Echuca Moama (C4EM). This is a Committee that tries to work with local and State government to bring local projects to fruition. I’m a Community Member on the Board and it’s a great opportunity for me to hear and potentially involve the school in large local projects.  I enjoy hearing local business people sharing their dreams and plans for the region, and I genuinely think it helps me lead the school in a direction that is positive for both our students and for our wider community.

6ish: Home!


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