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New beginnings…


So I’m about a week away from starting a new phase of my career as Principal of Assumption College.  Happily, I appear to have reached that phase in the summer holidays when my mind has turned to towards work (probably induced a little this year by the new beginning, and the fact that I start a new Uni subject tomorrow & need to get some pre-reading done!).

I had a text this morning from a colleague who is also making a new start.  She mentioned feeling ‘sad and a tad lost…but I’ll get through it!’  How graced to hear the ‘in-betweenness’ acknowledged, even celebrated.  Leaving somewhere that you’ve grown and changed, laughed and cried, is hard.  We shouldn’t pretend that it isn’t, no matter how exciting the next chapter might be. And it takes a while to fall in love with a new place and a new people.  It should.  There should be a phase of disquiet, mourning even, to mark the end of important things and the gradual unfolding of warmth and affection for the new.

Blessings to all those ‘in-betweeners’, who, like me, are a big ball of excitement and anxiety at the moment.  May this phase bring new energies and insights that carry you into Term 1 with the best version of yourself fully present to all, and your heart attuned to everything inspirational and life-giving.

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