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Catholic Secondary Principal in regional Victoria, Australia. I'm a huge enthusiast of 1:1 in the classroom and the possibilities it brings to learning. I'm inspired by the great teachers I see in action every day, both at my own school and online.

Is it still a thing?


As I officially begin this week as Principal of Assumption College, one of the things most present in my thoughts is whether or not it is significant that I am the first female Principal of the school.  Since the College was lead by Marist Brothers for over 100 of it’s 112 year history, there’s no […]

New beginnings…


So I’m about a week away from starting a new phase of my career as Principal of Assumption College.  Happily, I appear to have reached that phase in the summer holidays when my mind has turned to towards work (probably induced a little this year by the new beginning, and the fact that I start […]

EduTECH 2014


Like many of you, I’m heading off to EduTECH this year with high expectations.  There’s another round of inspirational and challenging experts to be heard, but best of all, the potential of all those informal discussions that strike a chord and move our thinking one step closer to the utterly ambiguous notion of ’21st century […]

Week in the life of a Principal


G’day! If you’ve arrived at this Blog looking for the ‘Week in the life of a Principal’ Series, it might be a good idea to use the menu on the right of this page to read each of the days in order.  I started with a little intro on Sunday evening, and then blogged each […]

A week in the life of a Principal: Friday


7.30: After a quick catch up with Pastoral Wellbeing Leader (no big matters that we were aware of unfolding at school for the day…), settled in to go through the applications that we’ve had for previously advertised positions, to see if any of these are suitable to approach about our new openings (if you are […]

A week in the life of a Principal: Thursday


7.40: 10 minutes later arrival at school this morning because my nail polish just didn’t want to dry (yes, really!). Usual morning check in with Pastoral Wellbeing Leader, then pottered around catching up on some emails and getting documents ready for today’s meetings. Chased down a copy of a few books I want to re-read […]

A week in the life of a Principal: Wednesday


7.30am: Quick chat with Pastoral Wellbeing Leader about the day ahead.  It’s lucky we’re both early-birds, because this short catch-up can often set the tone of a good part of the day! Settled in to write the ‘front page of the Newsletter’.  I always start off thinking I’ve got nothing to say, and then end […]

A week in the life of a Principal: Tuesday


OK, so it was raining this morning and I didn’t get up for a run. See the flow-on effect of that later this evening… 7.30am: Arrived & caught with with Pastoral Wellbeing Leader.  Main issues today around some kids whose behaviour had been less than stellar yesterday.  Decided on appropriate action, mostly centred around empowering […]

A week in the life of a Principal: Monday


7.30am: Arrived at school.  This is my usual start time, and most mornings I resist the urge to skip some morning exercise and come in a little earlier.  Any attempts at afternoon exercise usually get guzumped by unplanned events/tiredness/the usual excuses, which, like everyone else, I learnt the hard, expensive (new wardrobe to fit expanding […]

A week in the life of a Principal


So, it’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m perusing my calendar for the week ahead.  It’s got everything…meetings (face to face and online), assemblies, staff employment matters, building plans, a luncheon, a cemetery visit, classes, evening events…you name it, it’s happening this week!  And that’s before I even catch up with a student or teacher tomorrow morning. […]

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