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Catholic Secondary Principal in regional Victoria, Australia. I'm a huge enthusiast of 1:1 in the classroom and the possibilities it brings to learning. I'm inspired by the great teachers I see in action every day, both at my own school and online.

Action Research takes 5 minutes!


I frequently hear teachers say something along the lines of “There’s too much out there…I don’t have time to sort out what will have the biggest impact on my teaching”.  They might as well add ‘So, I’ll do nothing’. Wise people know that when we say “I haven’t got time”, what we’re really saying is […]

Subversion in Education: Twitter made me do it.


The teaching community who utilise Twitter seem a pretty cheerful, innocuous bunch.  Ideas are mooted, resources are shared and encouragement is available by the bucket-load. But appearances can be deceiving.  Scratch the surface, and the reality becomes clear…the ‘tweachers’ are, in fact, a bunch of  rabid revolutionaries, intent on the overthrow of ‘the system’ while […]

Child Rights: Is your school meeting its obligations?


This week, I’ve had the priviledge of working with a NGO (Non-Government Organisation) at the UN in Geneva.  NGOs form an important part of the monitoring and reporting capabilities of the UN, especially with regard to human rights.    The NGO access-pass has allowed me to sit in on discussions and deliberations at the Human Rights Council […]

What really mattered…


Last week, our whole staff were privileged to attend the Sandhurst Education Conference.  Hosted by our Catholic Education Office, the conference was two days of horrible weather, terrible 3G service and (let’s face it) fairly ordinary food!  Listening to staff conversations this week however, it’s clear that the conference ‘nailed it’ where it matters.  I […]

Tweachers are a new breed…


Every time someone else I know gets the Twitter bug, I get so excited.  I’ve come to realise that the reason I love Twitter so much is that it opens my world to so much more than the small interests and daily interactions and experiences of my world.  I am 100% certain that my professional […]

Explainable, not excusable.


During the staff days at the start of the year, we had a terrific session with Jo Lange. Jo was working with us on the simple techniques that help reduce behavioural issues in the classroom, and how to manage some of the more high end disruptive behaviours. She explained the broad categories that disruptive students […]

Be Aware. Be Courageous. Be More.


This is an extract from the address I made to staff on the first day of 2012. A couple of weeks before the end of school, a group of students and staff crowded into the Hopwood room to discuss, deliberate and discern a framework to help our school community better reflect and grow throughout 2012. […]

Agreeing to disturb each other…


One of our first staff activities for 2012 was to discuss and begin to settle on our “agreed behaviours” as a collegial team.  Towards the end of 2011, we invited all staff (teachers and ancillary) to put forward some suggestions about areas where they believed we as a staff had conflicting approaches that hindered our […]



I was in a conversation today with some peers, when someone remarked that she had been speaking with a group of teachers who had recently transferred from Government schools into Catholic and Independent schools. They were remarking on how lazy teachers were in their new schools, pulling out last year’s curriculum and teaching it over […]

The E-Learning Classroom


This Blog post is a component of a Cert IV in Training and Assessment (hence the formal language & super obvious observations!). Having observed the required 3 hours of elearning classes throughout our College, it is evident that there is a great variety of approaches to the use of elearning throughout the school.  Certainly Wikis […]

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